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Experience Freedom.

Your everyday tasks feel light. More time with Borrowers, less time with paper and spreadsheets. Your Borrowers can even connect with you from your website and share information with LoanCirrus.

Secure & Reliable

Secured with the same technology banks use. 99.999% uptime Guaranteed.

No Installation

Lend from everywhere and anywhere. No need to re-wire your office. Plug into the power of the Web.

Slim design. Without compromise.

Full Loan Administration. Multiple Interest Calculation Methods. Lend in Naira or others. Documents Management.
All the features you need to service your Borrowers.

Best Value

Software, Service and Support. Everything a Lender needs for the long road ahead.

Packed With Features

Guaranteed to always be cutting edge. Features that actually matter to Lenders.

Works As Good As It Looks.

Inject your Process into LoanCirrus. Build Custom Process Rules. Penalty and Fees Management. Event-driven email and SMS communications. Custom Report Builder. One-Click to Send Loan Statements. Bailiff and Debt Collector Integration. Copy last borrower financials to use in new loans…and so much more.


Rapid Deployment

Our customer success focus means we help you get started and stay with you for the duration.

Easy Documents

Upload as many documents as you like. LoanCirrus stores them securely.

Watch Our Video

Learn why LoanCirrus may be right for you.

LoanCirrus Overview

Beauty. Under The Hood.

Your Admin has never looked this good. Requires no coffee breaks and no payroll.

Simple, Clear Pricing

We use your MAXIMUM ACTIVE LOANS during the month to calculate your pricing.
(Prices are Per Month in ₦)

1  Select # of Active Loans

Use slider to select # of active loans per month, or enter a number here:

2  See How Much You Pay

monthly base
₦362 per loan
total monthly charge
for 0 active loan(s)

How much of my revenue? Show me!Hide

I lend on average ₦ per month, with interest %,
at an average deliquency rate of about %
Estimated monthly revenue: 0.00
Monthly subscription of ₦ represents 4% of your revenue!

Software as a Service.

Think about your customers instead of your technology.
LoanCirrus allows you to focus on growing your business and connecting with your customers wherever they are.

Process Controls

‘Set it and forget it’ process controls for each role on your team. Define permissions, notifications and triggers for each step in your process. Now, that’s control.

Less Paper

Upload and store everything. Share it instantly with teams and virtual branches.

No Installation

Lend from everywhere and anywhere. No need to re-wire your office. Plug into the power of the Web.

Lower Costs

Virtually eliminate traditional IT expenditures related to core lending systems.

Ditch the Spreadsheets

Usually difficult tasks made brilliantly easy.


We’ve got answers

How does the free trial work?

No catch, no hidden anything. Try LoanCirrus on us FREE for 1 week. We loaded the system with sample data you can use to get value quickly. When you’re ready, erase the demo data and start fresh OR import your existing data into LoanCirrus.

What happens when my trial ends?

Upgrade your trial account to a paid account by adding a valid Credit Card or Visa Debit. If you need to make special payment arrangements send us a message to hello@loancirrus.com or from inside the App.

Could I Use LoanCirrus for Free?

Our pricing is so low and scalable that some lenders simply take the US$1 per active loan and pass it on to the borrower, either by making a tiny adjustment to interest rate OR by adding the US$1 or local equivalent to the loan repayment. Borrowers don’t feel the difference and lenders use cutting edge technology in their business for FREE.

What if I want to pre-pay?

Yes, you can pre-pay your subscription fees based on an estimate of future use. But since we bill based upon your maximum active loans we may have to adjust your invoice if you exceed your estimate.

90% of our Customers would recommend us to a colleague or friend.

We think we are awesome and so do our Customers

Excellent Software plus great service and LoanCirrus is our choice to take us to the next level of lending. They were very helpful during our migration of existing data into LoanCirrus.
M.Thompson, BelizeCustomer
Personalized service. Excellent Support. LoanCirrus makes my lending easy. As a small startup it was exactly what I needed. I have grown my business 10 fold in less than 6 months.
B. Johnson, JamaicaCustomer
Using LoanCirrus for several months and we've found them to be responsive, engaging and very supportive. Aggressive in bringing on new features. Online chat is a big plus in helping new staff get trained.
A. Abiotele, NigeriaCustomer

Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan and all across Nigeria

More than 50 Lenders across 22 Countries including Nigeria and across Africa use LoanCirrus to do better lending.

Better Lending Starts Now!

Try LoanCirrus™ for 7 days FREE and see if our product is right for your business. No Credit Card needed to try.

LoanCirrus is Global and Local
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